September 22, 2017


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Club Locker is the world’s first cloud-based enterprise application software and platform for sports governing bodies, facilities and competition-based organizations. It is a fully integrated membership management and CRM system with a suite of competition management modules and a thriving event marketplace. The platform allows players, coaches, clubs, teams, and administrators unprecedented access to tools that drive engagement, increase awareness, and promotes community.

Developed in response to US Squash’s internal needs, Club Locker’s end-to-end solution is a field-tested, proven-successful software platform which provides the backbone for a participatory sports-based value proposition.

Reciprocitie’s Club Locker product now provides software-as-a-service for more than 160,000 squash players both domestically and internationally through more than 100 active clients. The largest client is US Squash itself with approximately 16,000 dues paying members affiliated with 35 local districts representing all 50 states. More than $12 million USD have been processed through 50,000+ transactions in the system over the last three years. In short, the system has proven to be successful with an average of a 30% increase in participation at facilities in their first year of using the software.

US Squash and Reciprocitie co-employ five staff members who product manage the development of, and provide support for, Club Locker, including a full-time developer. Additional developers are sourced through long-time partner developer agency which has provided high quality programmers when needed during the development phases. Three or four developers are used full time at any given point.


Club Locker differentiates itself on a number of fundamental and significant fronts:

  • It is a single, fully integrated platform, that includes the essential components a NSO needs to succeed in its broad yet specialized mission;
  • It is a nonprofit, mission-focused on supporting the management and development of squash;
  • Its future evolution will be directed by those who use it, ensuring current future needs are met;
  • It is battle tested and already proven successful on a significant, enterprise level scale.





  • Mobile first
  • Advanced security and privacy
  • Automated and curated communications
  • Integrations
  • Payment processing
  • State of the art facility displays

Federation Management

  • Global ratings and rankings
  • Custom points rankings
  • Member management
  • Donations
  • Custom Fee structure
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Referee certifications

Facility & Club Management

  • Fully Featured Reservation system
  • Member Management
  • Programs Management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Communications
  • Club Blog
  • Integrations

Competition Management

  • Organized play
  • Tournament management
  • Monitor playing progress
  • Player management
  • Automatic scheduler
  • Tournament/Events calendar
  • Live stream refereeing and scoreboards

Player Management

  • Find new opponents
  • Enter Scores
  • Historical Data
  • Media repository
  • Event Browsing
  • Managed Subscriptions
  • Coaching database and marketplace
  • Court marketplace